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Tip: Edit ASP.NET configuration file

Posted by Ion Toma on April 16, 2006

There is general belief that in VS.NET there is no good editor for ASP.NET configuration file or any kind of a viewer for navigating the hierarchy. As we know, the config file is in XML format and usually is a complex file, it will save a lot of time if we have a way to find fast an element,

In fact, there is a way in VS.NET to deal with this problem: go to View > Other Windows > Document outline. The result is a logical navigation on the different nodes in the configuration file (which is in XML format) and you can drill down, find things that you want to take a look at.
The same principle applies to ASPX files, the Document Outline show the different controls we may have in that file. If we switch to HTML mode, then it will show also the tags and metatags in the HTML, this will save a lot of time for complex/big files.

Configuration File - Image 4


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