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Tip: Clipboard Ring

Posted by Ion Toma on April 17, 2006

You may noticed from using Microsoft Office, that anytime you copy (CTRL+C) & paste (CTRL+V) a piece of text, it adds to the clipboard ring, which stores up to 20 entries of code snippets or HTML code. In Visual Studio, the entries from Clipboard Ring are stored in a toolbox, you can navigate thorough all these entries, can drag and drop any entry or using CTRL+SHFT+V you can cycle through clipboard entries, and easily drop it in your code.

1. Copy a selection using Ctrl-C (Copy).
2. Pressing Ctrl-V will paste the last item you copied.
3. Pressing Ctrl-Shift-V will also paste the last item in the clipboard. If you want to retrieve the second, or last item you inserted into the clipboard, simply keep pressing Ctrl-Shift-V to cycle through the items in the clipboard. Or just drag and drop any entry.

Clipboard Ring - Image 6


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