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Tip: Word-wrap

Posted by Ion Toma on April 17, 2006

In case we got code that goes too long, we have to scroll out of the screen to see the whole line.
In Visual Studio .NET, there is an option to wrap the text around, we don’t have to scroll horizontal to see the whole line

To wrap the text around, hit the following combination:
CTRL+R, CTRL+R in .NET 2003
CTRL+E CTRL+W in .NET 2005
Disadvantage: it make the code look a little bit messy.  But working with line numbers, this may be avoided. Tools > Options and select a checkbox that allows to see the line numbers.

Note: this tip can be used also in the case when we have to move the mouse over an error description to be able to see the long line. Just hit CTRL+R CRTL+R in Output pane and the error description will wrap around.


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